Save Bitcoin

Save Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Litecoin for the future

Bitmymoney makes it easy to save Bitcoin, Ether, Gold and Litecoin in a simple and secure way. At Bitmymoney you can save for a small amount (from 10 euros) per month. 

Join the future

Bitcoin is the money of the future. By saving in Bitcoin you are part of this future. What you are saving for is of course up to you. A journey around the world, a nest egg, for your children or grandchildren, everything is possible.

How do I save at Bitmymoney?

By periodically planning a payment from your bank account to your free account at Bitmymoney, you save a bit Bitcoin, Ether, Gold or Litecoin every time.
Because we automatically convert the deposit into the relevant coin, you do not need to do anything about it.

Step 1

Make a periodic transfer with your bank.

Account number NL81BUNQ2290257168
Name Bitmymoney BV
Description   Personal code from your profile.
  Important: this personal code connects your payment to your own account at Bitmymoney.
  The code starts with BTC for Bitcoin, ETH for Ether, PAXG for Gold or LTC for Litecoin.

Step 2

We do everything else!

  • As soon as we receiveyour periodic bank transfer, we convert your euros automatically into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold or Litecoin at the rate of that moment.
  • You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation from us.
  • In your Bitmymoney account you can see how your savings are accrued.

How fast do I save?

With a small amount every month you can build a nice portfolio.

Join us and start saving

Start saving immediately in crypto and quickly open an account with Bitmymoney.

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Tips for saving

Here are some tips about saving.

  • Save only a small amount or what you can miss. Saving is for the future and the long term.
  • Learn to do nothing and relax. It is tempting and sometimes even fun to constantly check your balance to see how you’re doing, but it can create emotion. Prices go up and down and it's better to check every now and then.

Information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Litecoin

It is important that you have knowledge of the products in which you are going to save. You can find information about Bitcoin, information about Ether and information about Litecoin at Bitmymoney.

In addition, it is important that you understand the risks of crypto currencies, such as possible price fluctuations.  More about risks.

Saving is for the long term. When saving, you are not actively trading, but you want to build a portfolio in crypto.