Buy bitcoins in an easy and secure way with Bitmymoney.

With Bitmymoney it is easy to buy bitcoins. You manage your account. We secure your bitcoins.

Buy bitcoins easily

With a Bitmymoney account it is easy to buy and use bitcoins. Use your account to sent money to a friend or your mobile wallet.
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Your bitcoins secured

Safely storing your bitcoins is our top priority. Bitmymoney stores your bitcoins offline in hardware wallets. Read more about risks and security.

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Buying bitcoins with iDEAL

The most convenient way to buy bitcoins is with iDEAL. With Bitmymoney you can buy bitcoins starting at 10 euros. The amount of bitcoins you receive is determined by the current Bitcoin rate. This rate is refreshed every 30 seconds. Buying bitcoins is a safe process: you can pay using any European bank account. Your bitcoins are stored safely in your account. Buying bitcoins is easy: you decide for yourself which amount in euros you want to spend.

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Bitcoins and your taxes

Bitcoins are a special form of assets. Tax can be applicable depending on the country you reside in.

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Sell bitcoins

It is easy to sell the bitcoins in your account. At any given moment, you can sell your bitcoins in exchange for euros. Bitmymoney will deposit the euros in your bank account via a SEPA transfer.

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